Stacey Castor Life Coach

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We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are......


      Clarity, simplicity, and authenticity

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My practice is based on the premise that you are a beautiful capable soul who at your core already possesses all the answers you seek.  We will start our work together with focusing and building on all that is working in your life, and developing a practice of presence and gratitude.

You will begin a process of witnessing your life and your choices, examining your thoughts and beliefs, and establishing a path to create a life that will bring you joy. Let's tear down false beliefs and rules that are holding you back and encouraging self-criticism.

You were designed to create a life of fun and happiness, one of joy and passion. You have the power to tap into the energy that will make it all possible. While everyone's circumstances are different, there are universal principles that apply to all of us. 

Imagine becoming more in tune with yourself, having more fun, incorporating creativity, music, laughter and spontaneity into every day. If you're ready to create some serious joy and magic, then why wait?