Stacey Castor Life Coach

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The experience

My interest is in empowering you by helping you to ask the important questions in your life and assisting you in developing healthy meaningful relationships. I want to help you to discover that life can be a fun, interesting adventure.

You will feel yourself taking back your life as you de-clutter emotionally and physically, find spaces of time you longed for, and develop tools for maneuvering through your day with less stress and fear.

Want to get to know me a bit first? Great! Follow me on Instagram for a peek into my every day moments, or on Facebook to see the kinds of things I am into.  It's an easy way to start your journey with no upfront commitment. The links are on the first page.  And you are always welcome to message me with questions or concerns.

While I am a trained psychologist with nearly forty years of teaching, counseling, and coaching experience, my most valuable credentials are my curiosity, my passion and my humanity. I am constantly learning and evolving and bringing new energy to you and my practice.