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mysteries, mayhem, and magic

Posted on March 14, 2016 at 9:40 AM

I do a lot, and I mean A LOT, of writing about growth, healing, finding our way, and letting go. I write about what seem to be mysteries; maintaining inner peace and clarity, and the art of living a flowing existence of non-resistance. This is probably because for decades now I have been seeking for myself, and teaching and healing others. My words come from a place where I or one of my friends or clients is standing, and often, struggling, and since I am committed to sharing a common consciousness and experience, it makes sense that this is where I would land. But lately I feel like I write different versions of the same concepts; breathe, be present, have compassion for self and others, and be open and pay attention to the messages of the Universe. And even though that all fits in one sentence, it is an incredible amount to learn, absorb and make our own on a daily basis. I understand that we need to hear it repeated and that we need it in different versions. I get it and I am right there with you my loves, stumbling and catching myself, remembering to breathe and sit my ass on my cushion daily, and to not judge others when I have the urge to scream, “What in the world are you thinking? Are you thinking?” Those edicts I described can feel like beasts to be conquered that’s for sure. So we try to do just that--conquer--and what ensues is often mayhem. Because as soon as we focus our attention on them and give them energy in the form of resistance, they become even more powerful and more present. Life can actually feel more complicated. The mayhem from the struggle begins to feel like overwhelming work, judgement of ourselves, and a hill we are constantly climbing. Instead of being a comfort, these beautiful ways of living become more items on our to-do list, completely negating their purpose.


Well now, it all feels a bit tiresome and heavy doesn’t it? We want these skills, and the benefits of them, but somehow instead of focusing on them, we focus on our lack of them. Or we focus on what we do instead of them, placing us farther than ever from where we want to be in our hearts and in our lives. Damn Universe anyway. Who made these rules and why is it so hard? News flash. It is not hard. We make it hard. Yep. You and me. We make this so damn much harder than it has to be that the Universe must constantly shake its collective head and wonder at our uncanny ability to make simplicity a challenge. The primary way we make these concepts elusive and difficult is by intellectualizing them, and by chasing them. When we intellectualize them, we think about them instead of doing them. We read. We discuss. We theorize. And then we chase them. And when we pursue them we are making the assumption that we need to catch them and make them a part of us. We act as if they are not already the core of who we are, because we have forgotten who we are. And the truth is that we don’t have to do any of this.


We are magic. You and me. We are stardust. We are Source. We are the Universe. We are sacred. The only requirement here is to be our beautiful, amazing, and yes, magic selves. Just like when we meditate, we do not “empty our minds”, we sit and watch our breath and when we realize we are thinking, we silently acknowledge it and return to our breath. No effort. “Oh, thinking. Breath.” Over and over again, we breathe, think and return to breath. We flex those muscles that allow us to choose our thoughts and to witness them without holding on. And so it is with our daily lives. We simply need to be, and when we realize we are caught up in the daily drama of this existence, we let go, we breathe, and we let ourselves simply be.


There is an almost euphoric sense of ease when we let go and jump into the abyss of being. In those moments when we own our magic and let go of all else. When we hang in that place where there is no good or bad or shoulds and musts. And of course if feels euphoric and magic because when we are able to simply be, we have come home to ourselves, fully and completely. So this week think less and be more. Get light and easy with your life. Have more fun and worry less. A lot less. Show up without expectation and see what happens. I’m guessing magic….





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