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Wake up! It's Monday!

Posted on March 21, 2016 at 9:15 AM

Admit it, we all carry within us an awareness that some of us just “have it going on” more than the rest of us when it comes to the ability of having insight or wisdom, or of maneuvering our lives in general. It can be called anything from maturity and being an adult to being more evolved or enlightened. And while we may understand what is meant by these terms, none of them seem completely accurate or honorable to me. For example, when children are born, they are fresh from Source. They are still tuned in to the other side while living on this one, and surely that reflects a certain level of being evolved or enlightened. And then, for me, there is the issue of one person being more evolved than another denotes a hierarchy and an advantage. Nope, that one doesn’t suit my sensibilities either. Enlightenment for me is maybe too connected to monks, or yogis, or holy men sitting on mountains and in temples for decades, and again implies it is only for a few.


But while I may not care for the terminology, and using language itself may impose limitations, there is simply no denying that some of those in our midst have IT. They have a clarity in the midst of fog, a calm in a raging storm, or compassion while still reeling from an attack. Some are able to give words to the elusive and nebulous thoughts and feelings of those struggling to make sense of themselves. Others seem to be able to speak wisdom on a moment’s notice and be so on spot that it sends chills down our collective spines. They have the uncanny ability to show up exactly when and where we need them.


And there is no ambiguity, we know these beautiful and amazing souls when we meet them. There are no definitives as to how we recognize them, and possibly it is different for different people. Generally, I notice their energy first. There is a centered-ness and a sense that they are standing and moving within their own space that is clear to me. They see the person at whom they are looking, and hear the person to whom they are listening. They are not preoccupied, they are not just looking in their direction. They are present. Absolutely and undeniably present. They are, in a word, awake.


And there it is. The right word. Awake. What a beautiful word. It represents coming out of sleep. It represents having our eyes open. It represents presence and awareness. We are often most sensitive and aware when we first awaken, as we reorient ourselves and shake off our drowsiness. We let go of sleep and step fully into our lives. And the most beautiful aspect of being awake is that it is available to all of us. Awake is a choice my dears. Awake is an option available to each of us. But you must want it, and I have to admit that sometimes it feels so much easier to stay curled up with old ideas and comfortable ways of sleepwalking through my day. I get lazy. I get complacent.


But here’s the thing; you and I didn’t come to sleep through this life. We came to experience. We came to stretch and grow and love. We didn’t come to spend our days in our heads thinking the same tired thoughts over and over, we came to be. We sure as hell didn’t come to attach ourselves to the ideas and ideals of others and hang on to them for eternity without exploring and learning for ourselves. So let's wake up. Stretch our body and our mind. Look around. Listen carefully. Taste with appreciation. Feel every hug. Sensitize ourselves to our life and watch how we grow. You don’t need anyone’s permission. You don’t need to wait. You are enough, and you are ready. You have super powers beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is wake up…..

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