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a balancing act

Posted on May 2, 2016 at 9:05 AM

We are a family of geeks, not just educated, but overeducated; Ph.D’s, an MBA, various master’s degrees, M.D.’s, and even patents. But more than that, we are information seekers, avid readers, researchers, and citers of statistics. Are you snoring yet? Exactly. We are a bit lopsided around here in the direction of cognition. And while thinking is an important skill, and education can be a valuable tool, like anything else they can get in the way of healthy balance.


When we spend a great deal of time in our heads, ruminating, thinking, labeling and analyzing, we are not in the moment absorbing, feeling, being, creating and making. In other words, we can spend way too much time thinking about life instead of actually having a life. It is easy for overthinkers to get caught up in analyzing and discussing rather than being. It becomes a habit to intellectualize and other skills can be weakened.


When we overuse and overstimulate one area of our lives, we are underutilizing other areas. When we spend too much time activating and using one part of our brains, the other, equally vital parts, become less sharp. Where we spend our mental energy, and certainly our physical energy, matters. Every thought is creating or strengthening neural pathways, and as this happens we become more and more likely to have that thought pattern again. We are also more likely to tap into that area of the brain more often. Where we spend our physical energy often becomes a habit, and depletes us, leaving less energy for other things.


The unfortunate truth is that most of us are unbalanced in some way or another. Some of us allow our work to define us and take up too much valuable time. There are those who are exercise fanatics and those who cannot climb a flight of stairs. Others of us do not heal old wounds and become obsessed with and controlled by our pasts and our emotions. We lose ourselves in our partners or our children. There are many ways to become lopsided. There are many ways to lose our balance.


And the real concern here is not just that we lose our balance, but that we begin to live our lives on automatic without realizing we have done so. Add to this the fact that we, all of us, are creatures of habit who feel more comfortable when we categorize and label and operate within the familiar. The truth is that you don’t have to be a geek to be an over-thinker, or to live unconsciously, or to fall into habits of which you are unaware. Most of us live, a least a portion of our lives, unawake, unaware, unconscious, unbalanced. In today's society, as more and more of us become discouraged, tired, disenfranchised, overworked, and disillusioned, it becomes easier to go inside our heads.


Balance can not be taught, it must be felt. Not unlike riding a bike or walking a balance beam, it takes practice. It must be felt internally, and while we may not always recognize or feel when we are off balance, we most certainly sense when we have balance. It is that natural, sweet, perfect feeling of existence. It is that knowing of being, when we are in the right place at the right time and fully present. Balance allows us to flow from one thought to another, from one activity to another, with ease. It is our natural state of being. This week practice finding your balance. Practice finding your state of ease. Practice finding your perfect feeling of existence and then truly enjoy it my dear ones. Truly enjoy it.






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