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Posted on May 15, 2016 at 3:35 PM

For those of you who have been following our journey for the last few years, you know there has been a theme: downsizing extraordinaire. With all due respect to Marie Kondo and her one and done theory, I beg to differ. I have decided that after several years of much going out, and little coming in, I am still, always and forever going to be downsizing. Period. And what brought me to this particular realization on this particular week you ask? Brace yourself. We are doing yet another tag sale. I would say that this is the last and final one, but I know better. I said that after the two ginormous sales we had in Indiana prior to our move. I said it following the two we had here after we moved. I said it after we did the neighborhood sale two years ago. Clearly I am delusional.


And I know there are those of you, my mother included, who are shaking their heads and asking what in the hell we could possibly have left to get rid of at this point. Trust me. Stuff. There are things I held onto for sentimental reasons. Things I kept because they had been such a necessity before and it seemed they would be again. Things that I had mindlessly kept because they weren’t on my radar as possible victims of my de-cluttering. Not to be cliche, but it’s like peeling an onion, and I am just as surprised as anyone that we still have more layers to shed, and that we are still finding things to let go of amongst our belongings. Easily. Naturally. Willingly.


But here’s the thing. The less we have, the less we need. The less we want. And I am developing this intolerance for anything that we aren’t actually using. While I once had drawers and cupboards dedicated to "extras", loved places like the Container Store, and organization and storage was a fun challenge for me, now when I see neatly labeled boxes I wonder if I really need anything in them, and when the last time we used those items was, which gets me to thinking when, if ever, we will use them again. Multi-colored plastic plates from past Cinco de Mayo parties? Um, probably not. Seven large white tablecloths? I think two will do. And exactly how many crystal vases and trivets do I use? That beautiful comforter that’s been folded on a closet shelf for five years. Really Stacey? Let. It. Go. Combine all this with finding a flyer on my door this week inviting us to participate in a sale on our street, plus some unsold items we had posted on Craigslist, and you have the perfect storm.


With the current tiny house craze and the focus on minimalism, we are all aware that there are so many beautiful realities and benefits of owning less, but the greatest for gift for me has been self discovery and personal growth. I am clearer now about what I love than ever before. I am clearer about my priorities. I am crystal clear on some old issues that needed to be released. It has become easier for me to take responsibility, and easier for me to be truly honest with myself and others. I am not my things and they do not represent me or my worth. I am showing up in the world more stripped down, more authentically. I am freer to examine every day how I want and need to maneuver through my hours, and with whom. Some days it’s overwhelming. Some days it’s intoxicating. Some days it brings me to tears, and to my knees, from the sheer pleasure.


So once again I find myself saying good-bye. Buying those ugly bright colored stickers at Walgreen’s and deciding what things are worth as I stand poised, marker in hand. For while it seems this is about mimimalism and perhaps even deprivation, it is ultimately about abundance. Abundance and appreciation without attachment. Gratitude without regret. Anticipation without expectation. Appreciation that we had and enjoyed such abundance. Gratitude for the gift of curating and distilling what we own down to the essence of what brings us joy. And anticipation of whatever is next to come in our journey. So what brings you joy? What brings you to your knees? What’s your recurring theme and what’s next for you my dear ones?



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