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Posted on June 6, 2016 at 7:30 AM

Everywhere we turn these days there are self-help books, positive affirmations, funny memes, and ideas about how we can better ourselves, improve our lives and maneuver through the rough days. And trust me, I appreciate them, I do. I am an avid reader of and follower of several people who inspire and motivate me. Not to mention that in my daily life I gravitate towards positive and interesting people who share their wisdom and their journey. And I am right there with them; blogging, posting, coaching, sharing and encouraging.


But still, what motivates us on any specific day, what we can actually hear through our own noise, changes. And we forget. Yeah that. We read or hear something and we feel inspired for like, a minute. And then like a damn squirrel we are for a moment (or a month) distracted. That bit of wisdom or advice that seemed so simple and so easy and so life altering? Poof. Gone. Forgotten. And the big question seems to center around why staying focused can be so difficult. I hear it all the time from clients and friends.


So if all this yummy lovely wisdom is coming at us daily, and if much of it seems easy and speaks to our hearts, why then are so many of us struggling to integrate it into our daily lives? One aspect may just be the sheer volume of information we receive. Clean up your diet, meditate, do yoga, think positively, be grateful, drink more water, move your body more, practice mindfulness, turn off your screen, get outside, take supplements, sleep more, sleep better, buy less, own less, be present, keep a journal, watch this documentary, and the list goes on. And on. And on. How many saved links and emails do you have that in your heart of hearts you know you are never going to go back and read? At least not in this lifetime anyway.


So here come some more words of advice. Pick one or two things that speak to your heart and make it soar, that give words you couldn’t form to the intention you want for your day. Choose from your core being. Write them down. Read them as often as possible and let them be your compass. Lean on them. Lean into them. And for now, let everything else go. Trust that these are, at least for now, all you need. Don’t bookmark, don’t save. Trust that when you have integrated these bits into your very being, the next steps will present themselves. You can’t do it all so don’t try. For the next few weeks if your only goals are better sleep and petting your dog more, that’s fantastic. Seriously, life is short and in the end there is no gold star for perfect. Get quiet inside and ask, “What will make my heart happy?” Do that. And when it becomes second nature, ask again, “What else would make you happy?”


It is a sad reality that many, if not most of us, don’t truly know the answer. We have limited ourselves with false beliefs about scarcity, money, self-worth and so much more. So I am telling you now, you are worth it, whatever it is. Stop trying so hard to take it all in. Stop rating yourself on how you did today. Start having more fun. Start with the assumption that you are amazing and astonishing exactly how you are, and that anything more is just, well, colorful sprinkles on top. Stop looking at yourself as an imperfect project. Life is good now. You are good. Now. Remember that you are golden, you are stardust, you are eternal, you are a bit of the universe. So relax, laugh, have fun, connect with others, do what makes you come alive. You are worthy my dear ones, now act like it.



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Reply Sherry
3:24 PM on June 6, 2016 
I love this message. It speaks to me!
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